Ivan Kryven

Former PhD student (2010-2014) of Prof. P. D. Iedema. Currently works as Assistant Professor at the University of Utrecht.

I work at the intersection of graph theory, probability, numerical methods, and stochastic analysis that are often combined to give insight into an unexpected behaviour of physical, chemical, and biological systems on different scales. My work has interdisciplinary flavour revealing the strengths of a synergy between several disciplines. For example, I study how combinatorics and graph theory can be fused to form the mathematical foundation for network science; how non-linear partial differential equations may be represented with processes on graphs; how probability and numerical methods give rise to a new way of modelling large polymer systems, or how the language of organic chemistry and its “grammar” can be rewritten by using the notion of the random graph instead of conventional molecular graphs so that this language becomes palatable to computers; I also work on automata that discover large dynamical systems by following simple rules in cases when the knowledge of a complete complex system is insufficient to start with.

Topology evolution in macromolecular networks
Defense date:
12 December 2014, 14:00
prof. dr. P.D. Iedema
Committee members:
prof. dr. W.J. Briels, prof. dr. J.A.M. Kuipers, prof. dr. A.G. Hoekstra, prof. dr. E.J. Meijer, prof. dr. P.J. Schoenmakers, dr. C.P. Lowe, dr. H.C.J. Hoefsloot