Prof. dr. E.J. (Evert Jan) Meijer

Full Professor, van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences


Evert-Jan Meijer received MSc in theoretical physics and a PhD in computational chemistry, both at Utrecht University. He carried out his PhD research at the AMOLF institute. After post-doctoral positions at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the IBM Research Laboratory in Switzerland, he returned to the Netherlands where he initiated an independent research line in computational chemistry at the University of Amsterdam. He was appointed full professor in 2011.


Evert Jan Meijer will focus on the development and application of computational methods that provide insight into chemical, physical and biological processes on a molecular basis. An important research theme focusses on the role of a complex fluctuating environment in (bio-)chemical processes: topics of research in this focus area are the influence of a solvent in chemical processes, the mobility and role of charged particles in aqueous and other protic solvents. A second major research theme focuses on the structure, stability, and formation of materials, particularly nanostructured materials such as zeolites.
The themes in Meijer’s focus area offer fundamental insights that are important for new innovation in key societal areas such as sustainability and energy.

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