In January 2010, the school MolSim-2010 took place at the University of Amsterdam. The school hosted PhD and postdoc students working in the field of molecular simulation. MolSim-2010 was organized by the Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling. 

  • Who: ACMM (Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling) 
  • Where: University of Amsterdam
  • When: January 4-15, 2010

Molsim-2010 Program

The program consists of morning sessions with lectures, and afternoon sessions with hand-on exercises. There was a poster session organized, and during the weekend a social event. 

DayHourRoomLecturerCourseLecture Notes
Monday 4/109:00-09:05MK020Evert Jan MeijerWelcome 
09:05-12:00MK020Daan FrenkelIntro Statistical Mechanics
13:00-16:30P1.26Lab Course
17:00-18:30RoeterToeterWelcome drinks
Tuesday 5/109:00-12:00A4.06Daan FrenkelMonte Carlo Basics
13:30-19:00P1.26Lab Course
Wednesday 6/109:00-12:00P1.23 & 1.26Berend SmitEnsembles I
13:30-19:00P1.26 & P1.27Lab Course
Thursday 7/109:00-12:00MK020Berend SmitEnsembles II
13:30-19:00G0.10, G0.23Lab Course
Friday 8/109:00-12:00AB44CharbonneauMolecular Dynamics Basics
13:30-19:00P1.26 & P1.27Lab Course
Saturday 9/1Day Off
Sunday 10/116:00Social Event + Dinner
Monday 11/109:00-12:00MK020CharbonneauFree Energies
13:30-19:00P1.26Lab Course
Tuesday 12/109:00-10:30MK020Evert Jan MeijerRare Events
13:30-16:30P1.23 & P1.26Lab Course
Wednesday 13/1 09:00-12:00A4.06Evert Jan MeijerMD Advanced Methods
13:30-19:00P1.23 & P1.26Lab Course
Thursday 14/109:00-12:00MK020Thijs VlugtConfigurational-bias Monte Carlo
13:30-19:00P1.26 & P1.27Lab Course
Friday 15/109:30-12:00AB44Christopher LowerCoarse Grained models
~12:00C0.110Evert Jan MeijerClosing