CECAM-NL is the Dutch node of CECAM, a European organisation devoted to the promotion of fundamental research on advanced computational methods and to their application to important problems in frontier areas of science and technology. CECAM-NL facilitates, promotes and disseminates the CECAM mission in The Netherlands. It provides a link between those interested in the field and the CECAM community.

The core of CECAM-NL consists of the Lorentz Center (Leiden University) and the Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling (ACMM).   Workshops are organized and hosted at the LC, whereas  PhD training, a visitor program and other activities are organised in Amterdam, hosted  by the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS, University of Amsterdam), a partner in the ACMM consortium. On a national level, CECAM-NL aims to promote and support activities with a focus on computational science.


  • 2023 April – Call for CECAM Flagship Workshops and Schools opens soon (April 2023). Stay tuned.
  • 2023 February – AI4Science symposium. Lectures and posters of UvA/Faculty of Science researchers showing how artificial intelligence is advancing their scientific research. (Sponsored by CECAM-NL)
  • 2023 January – Yearly MolSim PhD school back on-site. Participants from all over the world enjoyed an intensive 2-weeks with lectures, hands-on sessions and time-off in Amsterdam.


Current and Upcoming Events (Flagship and Local)

  • MolSim 2024 (Flagship) – Annual PhD School focusing on the basic and advanced methods of molecular simulation. (January 2024, at ACMM)
  • Artificial intelligence for enzyme instructed catalysis (Local) –  Focus on machine learning to unravel open questions with a data-driven approach, learn from native enzyme catalysis and apply this knowledge in the design of novel artificial systems. (April 2023, at ACMM).
  • NextGenChemNL2023  (Local) – National meeting of young Chemistry PIs addressing  issues relevant to the Dutch academic landscape  academic-industrial interdependence and specific focus on computational chemistry (sponsored by CECAM-NL, in Utrecht).
  • Andrew Ferguson visiting ACMM professor (Local) –  He will visit Amsterdam for a number of periods until from summer 2022 – summer 2023 . He will be primarily be engaged in research, and will give seminars and lectures. Ferguson is hosted by the Computational Chemistry group at the Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences.

Past Events (Flagship and Local)

  • Accelerating theoretical spectroscopy for complex multiscale materials –  Workshop highlights new theoretical and computational developments, exploiting concepts from stochastic and low scaling methods, and embedding and machine learning techniques (March 2023, at Lorentz Center).
  • AI4Science Symposium (Local) – One day meeting focusing application of Artificial intelligence and machine learning  natural sciences. (February 2023, sponsored by CECAM-NL, in Amsterdam)
  • Designing soft matter in and out of equilibrium – This workshop will focus on integrating novel in- and out-of-equilibrium techniques into inverse-design pipelines for biomolecular and soft matter systems. (February 2023, at Lorentz Center)
  • MolSim 2023 (Flagship) – Annual PhD School focusing on the basic and advanced methods of molecular simulation. (January 2023, at ACMM)
  • Christopher Mundy (PNNL, US) was hosted for a one week visit (Local) – He engaged in scientific discussions with the group at HIMS and contributed to the MolSim 2023 school  (January 2023, at ACMM)
  • CECAM-NL/ACMM Workshop at Lorentz Center (Flagship) – Accelerating the Understanding of Rare Events – Addressing outstanding problems in the application of enhanced rare event sampling fields ranging from physics and chemistry to materials science and molecular biology. (September 2021, at Lorentz Center)
  • CECAM/Lorentz Workshop (Flagship) – Quantum Computation For Quantum Chemistry –  Identify how to achieve useful quantum computation in quantum chemistry applications, both in the near and long term (February 2021, at Lorentz Center)

Science at CECAM-NL

For more information visit the ACMM website.  CECAM-NL specific information will be posted soon.

More Information and Contact

For detailed information about CECAM (Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire) have a look at the website of the organisation.

  – Lorentz Center (Leiden University)
  – ACMM – main host activities: Computational Chemistry group at Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS, University of Amsterdam)

   Evert Jan Meijer (contact via the website of HIMS)