Albert sole

Albert Solé-Daura

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the group of dr. B. Ensing.

My research mainly concerns the application of computational methods to the study of the reactivity, electronic and dynamic properties of families of inorganic and hybrid systems, including Polyoxometalates (POMs) and Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). Here, I will use the unique computational toolbox developed in the Computational Chemistry group at HIMS to design new catalytic materials for the efficient photo- and electrocatalytic reduction of nitrogen into ammonia.

New Horizons in Computational Modeling of Polyoxometalates: Biological Activity, Energy Storage and Sustainable Catalysis
Defense date:
January 2020
Committee members:
Prof. Tatjana N. Parac Vogt, Prof. Carme Rovira and Dr. Xavier López