PhD in Computational Design of Soft Materials

Do you enjoy working in interdisciplinary research at the crossroads of physics, chemistry, and computational science? Are you interested in designing novel molecules and materials with responsive and tunable properties for sustainability and biomedicine? The Van ‘t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) and the Informatics Institute (IvI) are looking for an ambitious PhD student to develop and apply an automated computational framework for the design of molecular and colloidal systems with living-like behavior. This research will be part of the Computational Soft Matter Lab
Complex physicochemical processes can be understood in terms of free-energy landscapes, which map metastable states and pathways onto key system descriptors. These surfaces can be explored via advanced simulations; exploiting machine learning and data mining to find optimal descriptors and boost the sampling of functional dynamics. Most importantly, in silico we can sculpt the shape of these landscapes; reshaping valleys and channels by tuning internal or external system parameters. You will work on reverse-engineering materials at different scales and levels of complexity—e.g., from patchy particles to molecular crystals, to proteins—and collaborate with various computational and experimental groups on diverse applications for sustainability and health…

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